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In 2018, Dramalay, the best acting school was established in Baner, Pune. Dramalay, being the innovative project of Rangdrishti Theatre, drives the experts’ approach in the whole educational prospect. We at Dramalay provide distinguished acting courses of varied time periods. We offer part-time as well as full-time certificate and diploma courses respectively. Based on your locality, Dramalay is the perfect place to nurture the budding artistic talent while getting opportunities to boost start your acting career. The current managing director of Dramalay, Pune is Mr. Vikrant Mahalle.

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Our Mission

Creating the future generation of realistic actors by introducing the multidimensional and practical approach towards acting. Constructing a medium to establish a professional career and render a sustainable platform to our acting students and integrate them under our theatre and film productions. To establish Dramalay as an active theatre space and a cultural resource center for the artists scattered all over the nation. Thereby, developing a subject matter related to intensive part-time and full-time acting courses and laying down the foundation of the most prestigious and nationally recognized acting school in Pune


Our Genesis

In 2018, Dramalay, an acting educational system came into existence in Baner, Pune. Rangdrishti, the parent institute, one of its kind experimental theatre group was founded in 2012 which served as the basis of non-profit theatre organization in Pune. Our ingenuity and inspiration have taken its roots out of the Sanford Meisner’s acting approach at Neighbourhood playhouse, New York. Dramalay is the brainchild and creation of Mr. Sanjay Thakur and Niranjan Pednekar. Collaborating as a team, they have delivered the most prominent theatre productions all over India at different prestigious theatre events. Due to the perpetuity of training the aspiring actors, Dramalay’s primary focus lies in the growth and construction of a creative ecosystem that depicts the individual’s true self.


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One Year Children Theatre Program

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